5 Strawberry / Blueberry U Pick Locations near Moncton


One struggle of living in a big city, or even small community is getting enough fruits and vegetables in our diets. Many of us rely on fast-food or quick fixes to satiate our hunger in this increasingly busy world; but this can only have negative effects on our physical, and even mental health. Thankfully, new solutions in agriculture have given way to the idea of the ‘U Pick Location,” a designated spot where families or individuals can visit in order to pick free fruits and vegetables. Today, we’ll explore five U Pick areas in Moncton where you can specifically pick strawberries and blueberries. These antioxidant filled berries are great for optimizing your health; as they can fight against oxidative stress which wears on the blood.


1. Trueman Blueberry Farm

Whether its fresh desserts or picking blueberries in Moncton, Trueman Blueberry farms is a well established picking field and event center. They offer bookings for parties, host their annual Pump-U-Pick in the fall, as well as a raspberry picking patch for fresh fruit. The Trumena Blueberry Farm is located at 255 Etter Ridge Road, Aulac, Sackville, New Brunswick.


2. Les Petit Fruits de Pre-D’en-Haut

This small jammery, vegetable garden, and raspberry and blueberry U Pick Site is located in the smalltown of Memramcook, New Brunswicks. With beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere, you can spend a lot of time out in the sun; speaking to locals and collecting fresh produce. They also offer their own unique jams, and a gift shop & fundraiser foundation for growing and sustaining local agriculture.


3. My Country Magic U-Pick

While only open for a short time during the Summer season, My Country Magic is an excellent U-Pick experience in the beautiful area of Sheffield Mills, Nova Scotia. While technically not in New Brunswick, it is roughly only an hour away from the Moncton area and well worth the drive! Whether youre on the hunt for raspberries or blueberries; the spacious vineyards and gardens of My Country Magic are well worth the pick, especially if you bring the family.


4. Ramsay’s Blueberries

Just a short drive out of Moncton, Ramsay’s Blueberries is a New Brunswick U Pick Site in Petitcodiac. These high-bush grown blueberry vines ensure firm, long-lasting blueberries which stay ripe long after being picked. Their current prison is $2.90 lbs per u-pick, or $40 for a 10 lb box.


5. Magnetic Hill Winery

Magnetic Hill is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Moncton, due to its unique magnetic geography, zoo, and of course, its winery, Not only do they offer food, a winery tour and tasting experience, and a shop to purchase their spirits; but they also have a blueberry, raspberry, and grape picking areas for guests. Considered keywords: U Pick Moncton, Moncton u picking site, blueberry picking site moncton, free veggies moncton, free food moncton, etc.

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