Due to Current COVID19 Situation, a lot of newcomers are looking for help in their Self Isolation Process.

Quarantine Plan (14 days) for Newcomers

With Food $399 / Without Food $299
contact [email protected]

During your self quarantine period in Moncton, MonctonCares Not For Profit will bring essential services to your door step with proper safety measures

Airport Pickup

We will be there to pick you up from the airport – No matter what time your flight comes in.

airport pickup

7 Free Deliveries

During your quarantine period we will give you 7 free rides or deliveries for anything that you want! Just call and we’ll deliver.

Welcome Kit

Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Shampoo, Milk, Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Bread, Butter and Soap


SIM card

Prepaid Canadian SIM card with a $10 balance to get you started.

canadian SIM card included

Newcomer Documents Process

PR Card

SIN Number





Everything at your door step.

newcomer documents

3 Free Webinars

In our 3 webinar sessions we’ll train you on

  • How to find a rental apartment
  • How To Drive
  • How to get your drivers license
  • About your community
  • Your employment opportunities
  • Various Support Agencies

Download Our Apps

We have developed special apps for newcomers, and curated a list of essential mobile apps for life in the Canadian Maritimes!

Download our apps