Discover the Joy of Skating in Moncton: Your Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Rinks for Newcomers

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As a newcomer in Moncton, you’re in for a real winter treat! The community here embraces the season with open arms, offering a variety of free skating opportunities that promise fun for the entire family. Whether you prefer the shelter of indoor rinks or the exhilarating experience of outdoor ovals, Moncton has it all.

When the temperatures drop, Moncton’s indoor ice rinks become a hotspot for community gatherings. For families with little ones, there are dedicated times for preschoolers to have fun on the ice. Parents and toddlers aren’t left out either, with special slots available for them to skate together. These sessions provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the youngest members of our community to learn and enjoy skating.

For those looking for free skating sessions, many local arenas offer times throughout the week where families can come and enjoy the ice at no cost. It’s a wonderful way to stay active during the colder months and a chance for newcomers to mingle with long-time residents. Remember to check the latest schedules and open hours, as they are updated annually.

Outdoor Skating Adventures If you’re keen on skating under the open sky, Moncton’s outdoor rinks are a breathtaking choice. From the glistening Ian Fowler Oval to the family-friendly rinks in Centennial Park, there’s no shortage of spaces to glide and twirl. These rinks are maintained throughout the winter and offer a magical skating experience, complete with twinkling lights and the crisp winter air.

Community Efforts and Rinks The sense of community in Moncton shines through with neighborhood volunteers who go the extra mile to set up outdoor rinks in local parks. These rinks not only offer free skating but also reflect the collaborative spirit of our city. It’s a chance for newcomers to connect with their community and experience a quintessential Canadian winter activity.

Skating rinks in some community parks.

  • Lewisville Park (45 Glenmoor Drive)
  • Brentwood Park (150 Brentwood Drive)
  • Grove Hamlet (39 Ripplewood Road)
  • Canadian Heights Park (35 Chelsea Road)
  • Candlewood Park (90 Candlewood Drive)
  • Maplehurst Park (115 Maplehurst Drive)
  • Brian Hicks Park (120 Evergreen Drive)
  • Roxborough Park (140 Barrington Crescent)
  • YMCA North (70 Twin Oaks Drive)

Stay Updated and Safe Whether you’re stepping onto the ice for the first time or you’re an experienced skater, safety is paramount. Always check the local municipal websites or social media channels for the latest information on helmet policies and rink statuses. Staying informed will ensure that your skating experience is not only enjoyable but also safe.

In Dieppe, you’ll find not one, but two outdoor rinks at Rotary St-Anselme Park—each designated for skating and games. Additionally, the skating oval behind City Hall is perfect for those who prefer a game-free skate (leave your sticks and pucks at home for this one).

If you fancy a spin on the ice at Place 1604, it’s open for your enjoyment every day from 10 AM to 9:30 PM, with a brief pause for maintenance from 1-1:30 PM and 5-5:30 PM. On Fridays from 6 PM to 9 PM, as well as weekends from noon to 4 PM, you can borrow skates and helmets on-site. Note that helmets are a must for kids under 12 and a smart choice for everyone else. These amenities are available until March 6, 2020, and will also be offered on New Year’s Day and Family Day during the same hours.

Riverview offers a whimsical Winter Wonderland Park that features a skating oval too. Don’t forget to wear a helmet for safety!

Salisbury’s outdoor rink awaits you daily, weather permitting. For the latest updates, their Facebook page is the place to go. You’ll find the rink conveniently located on Douglas Avenue near Main Street.

Over in Petitcodiac, the outdoor rink at 42 Maple Street not only provides a place to skate but also a new warming shelter to comfortably put on or remove your skates. Plus, it’s adjacent to a picturesque snowshoeing trail. To see if the rink is open for the day, look for the green or red flag photo update in the Petitcodiac Happenings Facebook group.

In summary, Moncton is a winter wonderland for those looking to embrace the season through skating. With a wealth of options for free indoor and outdoor skating, newcomers will find it easy to join in the fun and make lasting memories on the ice. So, bundle up, lace up your skates, and get ready to explore the best rinks Moncton has to offer!

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