Employment & Skill Building

The most important thing after getting an accommodation is getting a job, newcomers find a job whether of their expertise or not, they try to adapt to it. There are differences in resumes, characteristics of job, the way one represent and many more. We also help them in getting familiar to the Canadian way from the way of attire to the representation. Some of them are:

  • Assistance in resume building
  • Assistance in finding you a job
  • Helping you to connect with other government job applications
  • Providing webinars on skill development
  • Providing language training program
  • Assistance in introduction to Province’s labor market


Is it a free service or do you charge for it?

We charge 100$ for this service depending upon your your immigration status.

Why do you charge fees as a not for profit organisation?

We are self-funded not for profit organisation and so we charge nominal fees which helps us running the operations for our organisation.

Can you guarantee us the job?

We cannot guarantee you the job, but can help you with the leads.

If you need immediate assistance please  Contact Us.