Helpful Tips for finding Daycare in Moncton


Finding a daycare is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that newcomers face when they arrive in Moncton. It can be stressful trying to find a daycare while also applying for jobs and settling into your new accommodation. 


Here are a few helpful tips to help you find a daycare in Moncton;


  • Apply Early

    New families should call and try to get on a waitlist as soon as possible. This is especially true for children under the age of 24 months. 

  • Gather Information

    Typically, you can expect to be asked to provide; Your children’s name, date of birth, expected start date, your contact information and two further contacts in the case of an emergency (this could be an employer or a family friend).


  • Prepare for Enrollment

    To ensure that there are no delays once a spot opens up – make sure you are ready for enrolment.  In New Brunswick, Daycares are required to request your medicare number and immunization record.

    If you haven’t received your medicare number yet, notify the daycare of the date you have applied and when you expect to receive it, usually daycares can still enroll your child as long as the number has been applied for.


We recognise that finding a daycare can be difficult so we’ve compiled a helpful list of Moncton’s Daycares to help you through the process. 




Daycare Name Location Contact Info
Mama’s Treehouse Daycare 182 Purdy Ave, Moncton, 506-384-1464
Earthlings Childcare 144 Oak Ridge Dr, Moncton
Panda Playschool 84 Summerhill Dr
Look at us Grow Daycare 110 Snow Ave, Moncton
Garderie ABC 210 Mill Rd, Moncton
JennyBear DayCare 50 Courteney St, Moncton
Home With A Heart Daycare 2051 Mountain Rd, Moncton, 506 -384-8682
Miracles At First Child Care Centre 157 Queen St, Moncton,
Little Treasures Child Care Centre & Future Leaders 15 Everett St, Moncton,
Garderie univers d’enfants inc. 329 Rue Ryan St., Moncton
Little Hummingbird Daycare 287 Storey Rd E, Moncton
Hands On Learning Centre 15 Granville Dr, Moncton,
Daley Too Day Care 99 Highlandview, Moncton, 506-388-9019
YWCA Daycare Garderie YWCA 135 Kendra St, Moncton,
Little People Retreat Home Daycare 69 Katherine Ave, Moncton, 506-804-4881
WeeCollege 22 Church St, Moncton
Playcenter 71 Rue Gordon, Moncton, 506-383-1106
Little Tykes Learning Center 120 Lorne St, Moncton 506-384-7513
Snoopy Day Care 417 Rue St. George, Moncton 506-854-7003
Salvation Army’s Small Blessings Day Care 20 Centennial Dr, Moncton,
Bell Air Day Care 248 bond drive, moncton 505384-5180
Building Futures Afterschool Adventure 178 Albert street, Moncton 1 506-384-7529
Daley Day Care 2 99 highlandview road, Moncton 15063889019
Daycare of Memories 217 Sumner Avenue Moncton (506) 854-5656




The team at MonctonCares is here to assist you through the daycare search process, please use our contact form if you need help.

– MonctonCares Team. 

“These recommendations are made from the experience of the team at MonctonCares, your own experience/costs/best advice may differ from the content of this blogpost.”

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