How to deal with Homesickness as a newcomers in Moncton, New Brunswick

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Certainly! Homesickness is a common feeling experienced by many individuals who move to a new location, especially when there’s a shift in culture or environment. Here are five tips tailored for newcomers in Moncton, or similar demography, on how to cope with homesickness:

1. Create Familiar Spaces in Your New Home

Bringing pieces of your previous home or region into your new living space can offer comfort.

Tip: Decorate your home with familiar items such as photographs, mementos, or even specific fragrances (like a particular incense or candle) that remind you of home. Creating a cozy corner in your house dedicated to these memories can be especially therapeutic.

2. Engage in Familiar Activities

Engaging in activities that were part of your routine back home can evoke a sense of comfort.

Tip: If you had a favorite hobby or pastime in your previous region, continue it in Moncton. Whether it’s a specific sport, craft, cooking traditional meals, or listening to familiar music, these activities can anchor you and provide moments of solace.

3. Connect with Fellow Expats or Newcomers

Connecting with people from your region or those who are also new to Moncton can provide mutual understanding and support.

Tip: Seek out community groups or events that cater to expats or newcomers. Platforms like “Moncton Cares” or local meetups can be great resources to find individuals with shared experiences.

4. Stay in Touch with Loved Ones

Regularly connecting with family and friends from your home region can alleviate feelings of isolation.

Tip: Set aside dedicated time for video calls, chats, or even writing letters. Technology has made it easier than ever to maintain relationships across distances, so make the most of it!

5. Allow Yourself to Grieve and Then Explore

It’s essential to understand that it’s okay to grieve the life and memories you left behind. But, once you’ve acknowledged those feelings, make an effort to explore and embrace your new surroundings.

Tip: Moncton offers a myriad of experiences, from its rich cultural blend to its scenic beauty. Take weekend trips, join local events, or simply take a walk around your neighborhood. Immersing yourself in your new environment can eventually transform the unfamiliar into the familiar.

homesickness is a natural part of the relocation process, but with proactive efforts and a focus on self-care, it’s manageable. Embrace both the memories of your past and the exciting possibilities of your future in Moncton

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