Moncton Cares started a conversation circles ( Language Circles) at the YMCA North in Moncton to assist with newcomers and Integration integration in New Brunswick.


The conversation circle provides a platform for newcomers to participate in conversations and improve their language skills, while also providing an opportunity for local people to learn Spanish.


The conversation circle currently has approximately 20-30 people learning Spanish, English and French. The founder, Ketan Raval, emphasizes that the conversation circle is not only about improving language skills, but also about giving newcomers the opportunity to integrate with the community. Through participating in the conversation circle, newcomers are able to become aware of the YMCA and other community resources, as well as build networks and increase their confidence.


The conversation circle is also a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved and make a difference in the community. Manuel and Pierina, newcomers from Peru, are volunteering to teach Spanish, while Nancy from Moncton is volunteering for the French conversation circle. Sahar Ahmad from Egypt is helping newcomers to learn English and practice their language skills.


The conversation circle is a great example of how NB Cares (Moncton Cares) is working to support the integration of newcomers in the community. The organization is committed to providing services and resources that promote social and economic inclusion, and this conversation circle is one of the ways that they are achieving this goal.


Language barriers can be a major obstacle for newcomers when trying to integrate into a new community. By providing a platform for language learning and conversation, NB Cares is helping to remove this barrier and make the transition into the community easier for newcomers.

In conclusion, the conversation circle at YMCA North in Moncton is a great initiative by NB Cares to assist newcomers and immigrants with their integration into the New Brunswick community. It provides a platform for language learning, conversation and building connections with local people. The circle is also a great opportunity for volunteers to get involved and make a difference in the community. It is one of the ways that NB Cares is working to support the integration of newcomers and make the Moncton a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

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