Newcomer Potluck at North YMCA From Moncton Cares ( NB Cares Team)


Last Sunday, Moncton Cares had a potluck at North YMCA.This time Moncton cares core team was experimenting few things.

We normally announce our event on facebook and try to drive more participants , this time were reluctant and wanted to see how much we can gat in newcomer community . So we did not promote all .


We had international Students, Temp work permit holders, Permanent residents and refugees in the group. There are people from 20+ countries participated in this potluck event.

Newcomers in Moncton

Moncton Cares., is a local organization that provides social and educational programs for newcomers. More than one hundred attendees. We had in last potluck event.

If you're new to the city, or have a new friend who is, We recommend you to download our mobile app Moncton Cares or follow our facebook page for all updates. Our Newcomer gathering is a great way to meet and greet the new people who have moved here. It is also an excellent opportunity for cross cultural exchanges. MONCTON CARES, is integrating multicultural culture in to Canadian culture, hosts this event every quarter for newcomers.Moncton Cares host various events which helps newcomer  to meet other newcomers and get to know local organizations. The group's goal is to help newcomers integrate and become a contributing member of their communities.

Welcoming newomer in moncton

Newcomer potluck in Moncton was an effort to welcome the newcomers in our community. We have newcomer airport pickup program, we have newcomer parents group, newcomers walking group an may more group

More Photos you can check here

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