Places of Worship in Moncton

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Moncton has a diverse religious community. When you arrive in Moncton, it won’t take long until you will notice the many large church buildings around the city. There are estimated to be almost 100 churches in Moncton (Yellowpages, 2022). However, alongside a strong Christian presence, Moncton also has a thriving Muslim community. The latest information shows that over 2000 Monctonians identify themselves as Muslim, the mosque on High Street represents a growing presence of the Islamic faith. (CBC, 2021). Let’s have a look at the different places of worship in Moncton.

There is a wide selection of Christian places of worship in Moncton. In fact, you might notice a street called “Church street” where you can find four historical churches all on one road! Many of these churches are involved in outreach programs to help combat homelessness in Moncton. Working together in participation with YMCA and Karing Kitchen, the churches aim to provide community dinners to those in need. You can view the community dinners calendar to find where the current meals are being provided. This program is very important as during winter, temperatures drop below zero and a warm meal can make a big difference.


To find a comprehensive list of churches in Moncton you can check the yellow pages directory. Some of the well known Christian places of worship include;



Moncton Wesleyan Church Highfield Street United Baptist Church St. George’s Angelicane
Mountain View United Church Mount Royal United Church Emmanuel Baptist Church
Parkside Baptist Church Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (Catholique) Faith Christian Fellowship Moncton
First Moncton United Baptist Church West Lane Baptist Church St James Anglican Church
Cornerstone Chapel Moncton  (Protestante) Central United Jones Lake Baptist Church
Moncton Victory Church Église catholique Saint-Augustin The Journey Church – Brentwood Campus
St Philip’s Anglican Church St. John’s United Church (protestante) Moncton Gospel Hall

Places of Worship for Muslim Community


In Moncton, the growing Muslim community meets with their Imam at 99 High Street. Here the Moncton Muslim Association began in the year 2000 with just a handful of members. By the Summer of 2007, they opened the first mosque in Moncton. The Muslim community in Moncton has continued to grow with plans for future expansion. The association also organizes a Sunday Islamic school called ‘one step at a time’ and rents out the Kay arena for larger events such as Eid. The mosque and programs are overseen by the current president Abdal Khan. To view their schedule and find out more info you can visit the Moncton Muslim Association website.


Places for Worship For Jewish Community


For the Jewish community, there is the Tiferes Israel Synagogue a modern-orthodox Synagogue located at 56 Steadman St.  This synagogue was established through the efforts of 15 families in 1914. The families collected 10 cents at a time until 1924 when finally land was purchased for a total price of $650. Since its establishment, the Moncton community has grown to become the second-largest Jewish community in Canada!


Places for Worship For Hindu and Sikh Community


Practicing Hindus may have to travel a little further outside of Moncton for religious services. The Atlantic Khalsa Darbar is located at 17 Allee MacArthur Rd, Boudreau-Ouest, around 25 minutes drive from Moncton. This temple was recently established but has actively updated its community of events and meetings using its facebook page. Atlantic Khalsa Darbar hosts a Sunday service from 10am until 4 pm.



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