French Course: In-Person Classes Beginner Classes (March 2024) 8 Session Twice a week.


8 Session , 4 weeks Program.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the French language with our comprehensive French course in Moncton. Designed for local residents and newcomers, this course provides an excellent opportunity to learn French from scratch or enhance existing skills.Engage in interactive lessons, cultural activities, and practical exercises. Expand your linguistic horizons, develop conversational fluency, and connect with fellow learners in our welcoming community. Embrace the charm of the French language and culture with our dynamic course.

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Dive into the rich French culture and language through our engaging French course in Moncton, tailored for both newcomers and local residents. With sessions twice a week, our course offers a blend of interactive lessons, cultural immersion, and practical exercises designed to boost your fluency and conversational skills. Learning French not only opens up a myriad of opportunities in New Brunswick but also allows you to connect deeply with the community. Embrace this chance to expand your linguistic horizons in a supportive and dynamic environment.

* extra $10 discount for Moncton Cares community sports program members. Connect with us.
* if you have already done french beginner course and you want to repeat french beginner class you can do it for $10 only.

Starting Date: March 5th,  2024

Last day for class: March End, 2024

Schedule: Twice a week,  Tuesdays and Fridays, Each Lesson 90 Minutes French Class 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Schedule: Once a Week Free French Conversation Circle – Wednesdays 6- 8pm YMCA North 
Location: NBCC,  Moncton, NB. Tuesday & Friday