Due to the current pandemic all around the world, every nation has a set of rules and regulations to control the spreading of it, Canadian government has a rule for all the immigrants to stay in a self-isolation period for 14 days upon the arrival in Canada. Immigrants arriving in Moncton have to obey the same rules as well, we can help you with the quarantine accommodation and other services during your self-isolation. Here is a brief of what the quarantine plan includes.

  • Finding a place for quarantine at a discounted rate.
  • Picking up from the airport to the accommodation.
  • Welcome kit with a sim card
  • Daily checking by one of our team members to ensure you are safe and feeling well.
  • Creating a Whats App group for queries. Unless urgent, all queries will be answered within 24 hrs.
  • Up to 7 trips if you need something from the stores. We will provide curb-side delivery.
  • A 30-minute webinar of orientation to Moncton city
  • A 30-minute webinar to give directions on applying for SIN, Medicare, tax filing, and PR cards (if applicable).
  • A 30-minute webinar on job search/business start-up guidance.
  • Help in finding an apartment after quarantine.
  • A mobile app to support you as a newcomer.
  • A mobile app to help you in driving license tests.

Being a part of the Moncton Cares family – you will be ahead of the deals, offers, services available in Moncton.


Is it a free service or do you charge for it?

We charge 100$ for this service depending upon your your immigration status.

Why do you charge fees as a not for profit organisation?

We are self-funded not for profit organisation and so we charge nominal fees which helps us running the operations for our organisation.

If you need immediate assistance please  Contact Us.