Renting an accommodation in Moncton


Moncton is the city of many opportunities and one of the fastest growing urban in Canada. The first and foremost thing newcomers do is find a suitable accommodation when they land here in Moncton. Depending on your circumstances, you may decide to find a temporary residence while you find a better option of long-term rentals apartments or a house. From your landing here in Moncton to your lease, this article has addressed everything in a stepped process.

Here are some steps you can take after you land and until you find a long-term rental:

Temporary accommodation in Moncton

Before you land in Moncton make sure you have a backup line, so that you know where to go after. You should contact someone a week or two before you depart from your home country. There are several websites you can look at as well like Kijiji, Expedia and many more. You can also use Air BNB for short-term rentals, and it will include all the facilities at cheapest cost compared to other short-term living. Try looking for a long-term stay while you are staying with short-term rentals.

 Finding a long-term stay in Moncton

You will get quite a lot of options when you find a long-term rental. There are several types of rental accommodation which includes houses, apartments, condos, duplex, bachelor’s room and many more. Here is what they include:


There are many types of houses like duplex, triplex etc. (duplex is a house divided into two units and triplex is one house split into three). The Landlord can either provide the entire house on rent excluding the utilities and furniture to a family or a couple of students. However, they can also give the entire house on an individual room basis with amenities like internet, furnished rooms, laundry and other. They might have a parking garage and either backyard or front yard. You might also get a shed with it where you can store something depending on the landlord’s agreement.


If you go with the option of the apartment, you will find options depending on the number of rooms, initially it will start with a:

Bachelor’s apartment: A bachelor apartment is one that combines the living, kitchen, dining and sleeping areas all within one room, along with a separate bathroom. usually occupied by just one person. However, the kitchen will be furnished and there might be exception in Dinning table.

1 bed 1 bath/2 bed 1 bath/ 3 bed 1 bath apartment: These are other options as well where bedrooms are separate from living areas and kitchen. Some of them also have a balcony option. Apartments prices vary depending upon the facilities they provide like gym, clubhouse, etc. The amenities like electricity or internet may or may not include in the lease. However, the kitchen will be furnished and there might be exception in Dinning table. Mostly the apartment rentals are owned by a management property some of those includes northview rentals, groundfloor property management, rent moncton etc. you can find about apartment rentals on their websites or can also join rental groups on Facebook.


1 bed 1 bath/2 bed 1 bath/3bed 1 bath condo: condos and apartments have same structure however, there are various differences. The difference of ownership, the apartment is fully owned by a management property however in condo each unit has a separate owner. If you look comparing amenities condos have surplus amenities and facilities compared to apartments, but on the other hand, they are much more expensive than the apartments.


The landlord if you go with house or condo and management property guy if you go with the option of apartment will ask for certain documentation verification before giving you a lease and there are also other various procedures:

  • In most of the cases they will ask for your tenant insurance before leasing you the house. Being a newcomer, you won’t have any idea where to get. You can get your tenant insurance online at ca
  • They will also ask for void cheque from your respective bank, make sure that you that form either as a soft copy or hard copy.
  • They will also ask for the one month rent in advance and damage deposit which make sure to cover the damages tenant does and if there are no damages, it is considered as the last month rent when your lease agreement is finished.

How much is the rent in Moncton?

Apart from the fact that Moncton is the fastest growing urban in Canada. The province of New Brunswick is one of the affordable province in Canada. The minimum wage here is 11.75$

The rent depends on the property you choose:

Bachelor’s apartment: 500$ – 700$ (excluding amenities)

1 bed 1 bath: 650$ – 950$ (excluding amenities)

2 bed 1 bath: 1050$ – 1400$ (excluding amenities)

3 bed 1 bath: 1200$ – 2000$ (excluding amenities)

“These recommendations are made from the experience of the team at MonctonCares, your own experience/costs/best advice may differ from the content of this blogpost.”

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