Seasons in Moncton

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Moncton is a beautiful city located 25 km away from the seashore in the province of New Brunswick. This town with 85,198 is a city of endless opportunities. I feel this city has its world apart from any other town in New Brunswick. People here are friendly and supportive doesn’t matter what you wear or what you do. People usually believe Moncton to be freezing as it is close to the Bay of Fundy. However, Moncton has mild weather depending upon the seasons.



OMG!! That’s my favorite season of the year. The summer in Moncton tends to be pleasantly warm. It is the perfect kind of weather if you want to go to the beach, sit and relax on your patio deck, have a BBQ and chilled beers in your garden with your fellows. This is the season when people usually go on an adventurous trip or somewhere peaceful, being vacations in schools and colleges you can see the beaches are crowded with people, ice cream trucks in the parks, people going on a run, playing baseball and many other fun activities. There are certain measures as well to take before you go out on a sunny day as the sunlight falls directly on your skin due to ozone depletion, make sure you have applied sunscreen (SPF 30) because if not it can cause sunburns on your skin.

During summer usually the daytime high average around 25 °C (77 °F) but can exceed 30 °C (86 °F). The higher (and more humid) temperatures are the result of seasonal prevailing westerly winds that strengthen the continental tendencies of the summer climate. Rainfall is generally modest, especially in late July and August.


The fall season/autumn usually comes at the end of the Summer which is around the end of August and beginning of the September. “Fall” meaning trees shed their leaves and wait for the new leaves to grow. The weather during this time is a bit cold. However, the daytime temperature remains mild till the mid of October and the snowfall does not start till mid-November.


The winter in Moncton is fun too, don’t think that there are any activities to do in winter. The nights are chilly and freezing but on the other hand, the days are usually sunny. Daytime temperatures hover just below the freezing point. However, there are several cold snaps each winter when temperatures fall to -25 °C (-13 °F) or colder. People who are experiencing their first snowfall find it amazing. Sometimes, there are storms as well during this time of the year so, it is better to check whether on your mobile device before you go out. There are several measures you must take before you go out during this time of year. Make sure you have your body layered with thermal under the clothes and winter jacket (waterproof and wind-resistant, must withstand at least – 25 °C), and winter boots to make sure your feet stay warm and dry. You should also have something to cover your ears and your face (depending upon certain people’s comfort).

If you are going in a car, make sure your car has winter/studded tires or else it might skid due to the icy surface on the road and make sure to start your car at least 40 min to 1 hr before you are leaving so that the heating system makes the inside warm and comfortable for a driver. There are some fun activities you can do in winter as well like ice skating, ice hockey (it is a big sport here in Canada). You can go for trails and hiking as well.


Spring usually arrives late in Moncton. This is because the sea ice that forms in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during the winter takes time to melt, cooling the prevailing onshore winds. As a result, the springtime cooling effect has significantly weakened. Daytime temperatures above freezing are typical by mid-March. Trees are usually in full leaf by the end of May.

And remember, if you don’t like the weather here, just wait a minute…it’ll change.

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