Ten Great Ski Resorts and Spots in Atlantic Canada


If you’ve never been skiing before, you might be missing out on one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors during the Winter season. Aside from being a great source of fresh air and exercise, the act of skiing allows you to see the beauty of nature in all its changing seasons, and in Atlantic Canada; we have plenty of great ski resorts and spots for visitors to enjoy. Today, we’ll be covering ten of the best locations in the Atlantic region for you and your family to experience skiing, and what makes these specific spots so special. So whether you’re experienced skiing ready to take the trails again, or a first-timer looking to get their footing; this list is for you!

Crabbe Mountain – New Brunswick

Crabbe Mountain is the largest verticle incline mountain in all of the Maritimes, and because of this, it has some of the best terrains for skiing in Atlantic Canada. The Crabbe Mountain has over 21 Alphine trails, 12 glades, and two terrain parks for visitors to explore. Located in the NorthWest of downtown Fredericton, Crabbe Mountain is close to the Delta Hotels of Fredericton which offer their own ski and stay packages, as well as the Thirsty Boot Lounge located at the base of Crabbe Mountain which is a great place to see live music and grab a drink after a long day on the trails. 

Marble Mountain – Newfoundland

Newfoundland is a part of Atlantic Canada whose natural beauty is something you need to see in person. This includes the beautiful Marble Mountain located in Steady Brook, NL which boasts an impressive 546 meter elevation and has 39 different skii runs for you to experience. At the base of the mountain, you can find the Knotty Pine Lounge for food, drinks, and music; and the Marblewood Village Resort is nearby for those looking for a place to stay.

Cape Smokey – Nova Scotia

Cape Smokey is a great location for those looking to ski or snowboard for the first time. With over six kilometers of slopes available and a great lift system for transporting guests, this winter sports area is great for skilled skiier and first-timers alike. They offer daily passes and season tickets and are located on the Cabot Trail road in Ingonish Beach. 

Wentworth Mountain – Nova Scotia

Located just an hour away from Downtown Halifax, Wentworth in Truro Nova Scotia offers a great destination for those looking to participate in downhill skiing. Not only do they offer cross-country skiing trails, but they alsox offer well-lit night skiing activities. They also have a snow school for learning the basics of skiing, and more intricate trail systems for the intermediate skiier looking for a challenge.

Martock – Nova Scotia

Looking to book yourself a cozy overnight stay in a cabin before spending the day on the trails and slopes of Martock? The season passes available for this great ski hill are available year-round and come with a number of great benefits like their fully equipped cabins, snowboard & ski school, and a wide variety of trails for everyone from novices to intermediate skiiers of all abilities. 

Smokey Mountain – Newfoundland

Another great Newfoundland location only five kilometers from Labrador City, Smokey Mountain’s 20 kilometers of slopes and three-lift transport system is great for anyone looking to do some skiing and snowboarding this season. Given its close location to Labrador City, Smokey Mountain is an easier travel destination compared to many on our list and is great for first-timers or those looking to take a family skiing trip.

Ben Eoin – Nova Scotia

Often referred to as Cape Breton’s Winter Fun Park, Ben Eoin is an affordable trail and slope location with 10 kilometers of slopes with a maximum elevation of 154 meters, designed to be used primarily by notice skiiers looking to get more comfortable with their skills. Not only that but the Lakes at Ben Eoin Golf Club & Resort is located nearby and affordable for single occupants and families as well.

Sugarloaf Provincial Park – New Brunswick

One of the most popular and well-attended resorts in New Brunswick, Sugarloaf Provincial Park has a number of exciting outdoor Winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and more. Additionally, their Montagnards Club has a number of benefits for its members such as Moonlight Excursion skiing events, cross-country ski lessons, social gatherings and guest speakers, and social events for relaxing.

Mont Farlagne – New Brunswick

Get your skis, snowshoes, or snowboards ready for the snowy slopes on Mont Farlagne! This resort is great for ski visits of all ages, with lodging packages available for those planning holiday excursions and trips to the slopes or simply looking for a great day trip. With their own ski shop, a school for novices and beginners, and exceptionally well-budgeted rates; Mont Farlagne is another great choice for those looking to enjoy a holiday on the trails.

Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park – PEI

Located in the snowy mountains of Brookvale, PEI, the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park has a number of cross country skiing trails, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing events. While the park is currently closed until February 2022 due to construction, their facility will be re-opening soon, and season passes are still available for purchase. Additionally, they have numerous snow school programs for group and family lessons, private lessons, and one on ones with instructors in the area.

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