Host a Newcomer For Dinner.


In our recent survey we found out that it takes more than a year to make 1st local friend and share a real meal with local community. It lead us to this program.  

We care about helping newcomers integration in local community and make them feel sense of belonging in our community. The team at MonctonCares would like to encourage local community members to host a newcomer family for dinner, or a breakfast, lunch….or a brunch! Whatever you are comfortable with.

Newcomer families from all different part of the world are registering for this program- They are hoping to meet you and learn about life in Moncton. We encourage cross-cultural settings, however if you have a preference for a specific newcomer group that you would like to host, we would love to organise that too!

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Can I host more than one newcomer family?

Yes, absolutely! However, we recommend not more than 2 families at a time, as we want to focus on interpersonal relationship development than just “numbers”.

Can I select a newcomer from a similar trade or interest?

Yes, as mentioned before we have no issues with any kind of host settings. However, we encourage more and more cross-cultural settings.

Can anyone host a newcomer family?

No. Currently this program is by referral only. You need to provide at least 2 references to become a host. We believe we have a responsibility to make sure this experience is good for all.

From when I can start hosting?

We wanted you to start yesterday but it’s never too late for a good thing. As soon as you register for the program, we will start working on matching a newcomer family for you and set up a fixed date.