Newcomer Airport/Train Pickup Program at Moncton New Brunswick

Are you coming to Moncton and looking for an airport pick-up?

The Moncton Cares Team can help you to arrange collection from the airport for Newcomers.

Currently, our volunteers provide the newcomer airport pick-ups from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, Mon-Fri.

We look forward to helping you and being the first to say “Welcome to New Brunswick!”

For Passenger Limitation:

For up to 2 Adults and 2 Kids, Airport Pickup is free. If you are more travellers, a $10 Gratuity is expected. Because we may have to find 2 volunteer vehicles and 2 volunteers to support the request.


For Luggage Limitations: 

Up to 4 Large and 2 Small Bags, Luggage is free. For More than 6 Luggage items, a $10 Gratuity is expected for volunteers. Because we may have to find 2 volunteer cars or VAN.

Please fill the form

    When you land, please use the Airport Wifi (or your network) to text or make a call to the undermentioned number:

    Ketan :  +1(506)-588-5819 (WhatsApp Only)

    Please do let us know if your flight has been delayed.
    Looking forward to welcoming you in Moncton.

    -The Moncton Cares Team

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