Accommodation help

Accommodation Help

We’ll help you find a safe, suitable place to stay.

Employment & Skill Building

Employment & Skill Building

We have built specialized programs for skilled workers.

Immigration services

Immigration Support

Help getting ready for the immigration process.

moncton tour

Explore Moncton Tour

We’ll show you around and let you know the most important places for newcomers.


Excel Moncton For Immigrant Entrepreneur

We have special opportunities for self starters and entrepreneurs

My First Month

My First Month

A custom settlement program to help you get comfortable in your new home


Quarantine in Moncton as newcomer

We’ll help you during your quarantine to ensure you follow all local rules and get what you need.


Sports & Recreational Program

Programs to help you find out how and where to keep active and stay healthy

We know that the needs of individuals varies from the needs of a family, and we're prepared to meet the needs of both.